What is it that makes an extra pair or two of arms so sexy?

I can’t resist unusual and these arms, well, are four more than I’m used to.  They come with a goblet, a scarf and magic orbs and are omega friendly with the proper relay.  (I had an issue with the arms holding the orbs not taking to Omega skins but I am hoping that little glitch will get fixed.)  If you are handy, no pun intended, there is no end to the possibilities for accessorizing.

Snapshot_012 (3)

Arms – Aii – Extra Bento Arms – currently at Kagami

Outfit – Zaara – Nadira belt, blouse and harem pant

Hair – Runaway – Aschera

Piercing – May’s Soul – Melisa Double Chain Gold – free

Goldness – Aisling – body glitter

Skin – Lumae – Eirtae – Sarya

Eyes – Mesange – Elixir – currently at On9

Picture taken at Rustic Retreat