You Need These Pants!

I love these pants.  You need them.  They are only 1L for all.  Here they are:


Pants – Cara’s – Ripley leggings – Around The Grid 4 Hunt prize 1L

Top – WICKED – Jessa tank – group gift, group free

Hair – Zalea – Fiona – Hair Fair gift

Buns – Sintiklia – Buns – Hair Fair gift

Skin – Pink Fuel – Kiyomi, Crystal


Best Dress:D

I feel like SL is hot.  Not sexy hot, although there might be a tiny bit of that going around, but the temperature is too hot.  You can show up on a snowy sim in lingerie and high heels knowing there’s no chance you will get frostbite.  So I feel most comfortable (and yes, I know it is just a digital dolly) if there is a lot of skin showing to prevent heatstroke.  I mention this because I have more dresses than anything else in my inventory, and more short dresses than any other length.  So obviously, I need more.  And what do you know, I found some!  Oh, and a long one, which is quite nice too.


Dress – Coull Creations – Sunshine Daisy – Around the Grid 4 Hunt prize, 1L

Hair – Besom – Neptune – Hair Fair gift

Skin – WoW skins – Sahra – past group gifts box, group not free

Pose – Poseability – Cuteness 4 – no longer available


Dress – Shame – Sumur Dress (Maitreya mesh only) – Around the Grid 4 Hunt prize, 1L

Hair – Iconic – Coco – Hair Fair gift

Skin – WoW skin – Mady – box of old group gifts free, group not free

Earrings – [Plastik] – Onylarra earrings – old May Enchantment gift

Eyes – Mesange – Lemanja


Dress – Lady Dragon’s Design – Sexy Toga – Around the Grid 4 Hunt prize, 1L

Hair – Analog Dog – Zoe – Hair Fair gift

Seashells – [kik] – hair accessory, star – Hair Fair gift

Skin – WoW skins – Katty – July group gift, group not free

Eyes – Mesange – Unicorn

Pose – Le Poppycock – Play of Light, Watermelon Heart


Dress – Nightmare – Jelly Summer Dress – group gift, free

Leggings – Sn@tch – Holy Latex Leggings

Hair – Phoenix – Gracia – Hair Fair gift

Necklace – Violetility – Indee Tepee ’16 necklace – free at Indie Tepee Event (closes 24th

Skin – E. Vary – Lina – Subscribo gift

Eyes – Mesange – Unicorn

Snapshot_926 (2)

Dress – Facepalm – Ali Halter Dress – Around the Grid 4 Hunt prize, 1L

Hair – Love – Wandering Love – Hair Fair gift

Skin – E. Vary – Lina – subscribe gift

Pose – an lar poses – The Lina series 2 – old May 2016 enchantment gift

Happy Accident

I went to the Geektopia event a while ago.  Don’t go, it’s gone, you missed it because I didn’t tell you about it.  Unless you went anyway, without me telling you anything at all.  I got a cute little outfit from Day Dreamer which I would have shown you, but returning to the store I couldn’t see it.  But this (points down) is what I did see, the present group gift.

When I slipped it on it just called out for an mmmhmmm kind of hair, the kind of hair that you don’t really know what to do with until you do.


Outfit – Day Dreamer – Dannie, Moss/White – free group gift

Hair – sYs – Hayo – Hair Fair gift

Skin – Pink Fuel – Kiyomi, Crystal

Pose – an lar poses – All That Series 1

Sweet on Summer

As my money dwindles down I tend to hang onto it tighter; 2500L I’m throwing it around, 25L I am really weighing my options to get the most out of my money.  If I can’t see what’s in the box, no sale.  So I like hunts where I can see what I’m getting.  Still, I hesitated over buying these two outfits.  Now, I can say that’s 2L well-spent!


Outfit – Broken Glass Boutique – Summer Fun outfit – Flirty Summer Hunt prize, 1L

Hair – No Match – No Luck B – Hair Fair gift

Skin – Pink Fuel – Kiyomi, Crystal

Eyes – Soul – Oculos, Dusty Orchid – regular, mesh and Omega appliers

Pose – Le Poppycock – Play of Light set, Honeysuckle Air


Outfit – Artistic Rage – Wordly Top & Skirt – Around the Grid 4 Hunt prize, 1L

Chokers – Fashionably Dead – Sweet Bow Chokers, cream & pink – Hair Fair gift

Hair – Amacci – Zip, duo colours hud – Hair Fair gift

Skin – Pink Fuel – Kiyomi, Crystal

Eyes – Mesange – Unicorn pack

Pose – Poseability – Strut It 8 – no longer available

Look William! I really did blog!


Okay, so it’s been a month and a half since my last post.  I’ve been hunting and gathering and now have an inventory that takes ten minutes to scroll from top to bottom.  But I have finally figured out how to get posts out faster, so watch out!  Freebies are so time-sensitive, I have to simplify.  So get out there and get ’em!

I had to pick and choose for the Around the Grid Hunt 4 since my Lindens are limited, but there are close to 150 stores.  You can either find the hunt prize and pay 1L or be lazy and buy it right from the sign for 25L.

I’m loving Mesange eyes right now because I’m used to more unusual colours AND they have appliers (also regular and mesh).  I don’t know of too many places that have Omega appliers for eyes.  I have tried to move mesh eyes about in my mesh head with great intelligence but little luck.

I got the unicorn horn head accessory a while ago from a huge box of old NSP and [MUSE] offerings.  It had been at the White Armory but now it is in the Muse/NSP store.  The box itself is free but you have to join the group, which is not.  There is a vast amount of stuff in it, floral and other accessories.  I haven’t unpacked that much yet, since I like to record everything I open, but I like what I’ve seen so far.

Oh!  I almost forgot.  You know about the Hair Fair, right?  Right?  I was in the group and got the demos the day before opening.  I spent a good 2 days unpacking and trying on over 200 demos.  I have my list narrowed down but there are plenty of gifts to tide me over until the money rolls in.  Not all are free free, but as good as.

Snapshot_920 (3)

Dress – Sweet Intoxication – Traci Dress – 1L hunt prize – Around the Grid 4

Hair – MINA Hair – Kirstin – Hair Fair gift

Skin – Pink Fuel – Kiyomi, Crystal

Head Accessory – [MUSE]  – Unicorn Daisy, ultra rare 13

Eye Appliers – Mesange – Lemanja, 7 or 9? – at Designer Circle


Dress – Enertia – Trixie Dress, dream – gift at BuyNowSL

Hair – NANI – Sophie Hair, unicorn ombre – Hair Fair gift

Skin – Pink Fuel – Kiyomi, crystal

Head Accessory – Finesmith – I Want To Name it Bob – no longer available?

Wrist Bow – Miwa’s Airship – Rinka bracelet – Project Se7en group gift

Shoes – Up Against the Wall – Shoes from Bo-Peep outfit – group gift

Nail Appliers – Livia – Crescent Glitter Nails – gift

Pose – Belle Epoque – A Day Without Rain 5


Dress – Sweet E’s – Kirsten Dress, teal – 1L prize (Around the Grid 4 Hunt)

Hair – Love – Forget Me not, brunette pack – gift from Hair Fair

Skin – WoW Skins – Ina June group gift – group had been free but now 400L

Eyes – Mesange – Lemanja (9, I think) – at Designer Circle

Pose – AnLar Poses – The Iris 1 – July group gift, free