On the Halloween Hunt

Snapshot_003 (2).png

Crawling through dirt for prizes.  Aii’s The Nightmare Hunt gives you quite a workout and a touch of stress.  I have done it twice now and have still to get three teeth so I can access the prizes.  If you can’t handle it, you can still visit the various booths to get creepy, phobia-inducing items.

I had the brains the second time around to take my picture along the way, in case I didn’t make it out.  You’ll see.  Terrible lighting under the house and in the woods.

I have also been on the Ironwood Hills hunt.  Very enjoyable, doesn’t even need the promises of gifts at the end.  Same deal, prizes if you complete it at the various vendor booths but also cute and/or creepy things to be bought.

Snapshot_031 (2).png

Snapshot_039 (2).png

Dress – Neve – Midler – at Uber

Stockings – Chemical Princess – Chemi tights (46 texture hud!) – Ironwood Hills

Boots – : Cult : – Rose boots

Backpack – PSYCHO:Byts – Headstone backpack – Zombie Hunter Gacha – Ironwood Hills

Hair – pr!tty – MoMochu (comes with Pikachu ears headband) at The Project Se7en

Lipstick – #adored – Vinyl glass lips – gothica edition – at The Nightmare Event

Pictures taken somewhere along the way at The Nightmare Event

Now, three more teeth to go…