Pretty Pooki


Dear Pooki nabbed this jumper out of my wardrobe and she is super adorable!  She came from a gacha machine as just a head and skin, appliers included.  It’s a little disturbing, thinking about a gumball machine full of heads.  I think she is pretty happy getting out of there.

It’s a bit of a trial finding a wig to fit, it needs to be modifiable, re-sizeable, or un-rigged.  I just discovered that you can get a free re-sizer script that you pop into a rezzed wig and you are good to go.  They could be everywhere, but I got my re-sizer script at ND/MD.  That’s the theory, anyway.  Sometimes I click a button and the hair takes over the whole cave.  Still, it opens up new possibilities, hair-wise.  I stuck with this extremely ancient Truth hair gift because it suited Pooki.

Dress – Mikunch – furi-furi with henley top

Shoes/Socks – Mikunch – Osanpo

Head/Skin – Black Bantam – Make Human Pooki Doll Head, mocha, witched

Hair – Truth – Bunny (ancient group gift from 2012)

Yellow Flower – Lode – Blossoms, single peony (recent Shiny Shabby Anniversary gift)

Flower Basket – Junbug – White Roses Basket (not available, 2 years old)

Mesh Body – Maitreya – Lara

Pose – Shi.S – Easter Day pose – (not available, an Easter gift)

*Picture taken at Gates of Dreams