Spring Showers

Snapshot_005 (2)

In the past couple of months I have had access to real money which was magically transferred into Lindens and I SPENT WAY TOO MUCH MONEY!!!  WAY!!!  It follows then, that I have WAY TOO MUCH STUFF!!!   WAY!!!  I can’t keep up with myself.

I’ve starting getting rid of my older mesh which just doesn’t cut it with mesh bodies.  Some of this ridding is easy, and some of it is painful.  Memories of when I knew and associated with people.  Also, damn! that was an awesome dress!

I am reminded how creative creators were, and I would recommend they look at some  of their old stuff and remake it with the mesh bodies of today in mind.

More surprising is the stuff that still works with a little magic alpha-ing.  A white blazer by Elate! (Kelly Iwish), circa 2013, still quite fab.

Now, I can take a breath and some pictures.

Of course, events might potentially have ended.

I’ve said this before, it damages me.  I feel for you designers, I know you are busy and keeping up with upcoming events must be a nightmare.  However, I would dearly love to see stuff appear in your store not too long after the event has ended.  In my usually poor state, I only have random access to Lindens so I can’t always buy when the item is at an event.  However, when I am rolling in Lindens, I run to the stores to get the stuff I dearly wanted and it isn’t there.   I go back again and again and again.  Then I spend somewhere else, in great sadness.  Yes, tears on my new clothing that I didn’t buy from you.

Dress – Astralia – Arumi Kimono – 6 colour hud (from Japonica, now in-store)

Headpiece – Zibska – Yingtai (includes falling petals) – at The Avenue

Hair – Lamb – Bobbi

Makeup – Chocolate Atelier – Kikuri (NOT yet in store)

Tattoo – U-Design – Bloom in Winter – (from Japonica, NOT in store yet! But, there is a cool one called Sakura, kind of similar)

Photo taken at Les Reves Perdus


The Stroll


Dress/Obi/Headdress/Lantern – Luas – Sayuri gacha

Hair – EscalateD – Nooria

Eyeshadow – Zibska – Alicia

Lipstick – Zibska – Belasco

Picture taken at Ryukyu

Movie Star

Snapshot_020 (2)

Dress – Plastix – InstaFame Dress – at the Vintage Fair until June 25

Stole – Foxes – Faux Fur Stole (no longer available?)

Gloves – MMC – Charlotte Bento Gloves

Hair – ZsaZsa’s House of Beauty – ZsaZsa’s Money Wig

Sunglasses – Avenge – Edge Sunglasses, gacha – at the Vintage Fair until June 25

Jewellery – !Musa! – Gem Necklace and Earrings (earrings are a Subscribe gift)

Cigarette Holder/Smoke – Anachron – Cigarette Holder and Smoke Exhaler (group gift)

Eyebrows – alaskametro – Glitter Eyebrows

Lipstick – Zibska – Stasia lipstick (not available)

Skin –  Pink Fuel – Vamp Doll v2

Pose and drink – Le Poppycock – Bad Habits B collection, Hot Stuff

My shoes, which you can’t see but are quite fabulous – N-Core – Tiffany

Photo take at La Coquette Cabaret

Fairy Princess

Snapshot_008 (4).png

Dress – Junbug – Freesia – gacha

Hair – Mithral Apothecary – Aster

Ears – Soul – Uni Ears, Hob

Wings – Vaengi – Irid Dark Wings

Antennae – Lovely Alien – Moth Antennae – free on Marketplace here

Emitters – Cole’s Corners – Hope Hand Dancers – purple flowers – a RFL Fantasy Faire product, not sure if available

Skin – Pink Fuel – Vamp Doll V2

Eyeshadow – Zibska – Stasia

Lipstick – Zibska – Frida gloss

Eyes – Mesange – Lemanja

Pose from Animation – Kami-Hitoe – Fairy AO II – Stand 3

Photo taken at Dark Hill